Het is altijd levendig in het Pension! Op deze pagina vind je alle evenementen die plaatsvinden in onze woonkamer, bij de stadsnomaden thuis en bij de buurtinitiatieven.

Aankomende evenementen / Upcoming events

Friday 31 July – 1st August — The Slopera Spectacle

Try out and practise for 
the Slopera. Take part in it or come watch it. Indoor, outdoor all day and maybe also at night.

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September — Roffeo en Almonde, de Slopera 

Pension Almonde will host and be the subject and decor of this modern day opera about life in de Almondestraat.

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Every Tuesday  — 18:00
Keju Kitchen

Our weekly free soup night on Tuesday is take out at Keju Kitchen.

Every Wednesday  — 18:00
Woonkamer, Almondestraat 157

Weekly dinner with foods that otherwise would have been wasted. Come, join cooking and eating. Donation based.

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On appointment
Heimweewoning, Almondestraat 143

During office hours you can visit the Heimweewoning. A place of memories of the Almondestraat with pictures, stories and a place to sleep when you are homesick.

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On appointment
Jedan Osam Jedan
Almondestraat 181

Jedan Osam Jedan is our new artist run exhibition space now showing the work of Kira Froese. Call for an appointment: 06-14423272.

Several times a week
Blank Space ONLINE

Check out the Blank Space online activities such as yoga and qi cong.

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Every Thursday — 19:00
More Life 
Cult North – Almondestraat 221

Jongeren tussen de 14 en 24 kunnen bij Cult North aan de slag met hun talent tijdens de wekelijkse More Life avonden.

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Every First Monday of the month — 18:00
Bio Bulk Bende, Almondestraat 157

Pick up day for members with dinner outside. Also there is a meeting for new members of Rotterdams first organic food coop will be online.

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Afgelopen evenementen / Past events

Friday 26 June — 15:00

Open Meent, with:
– Slopera Acte Steen Eén
– Start Staycation
– Opening Heimweewoning
– Food and drinks at Keju Kitchen

Thursday 16 April —
Blank space online 

Online Reiki self healing lesson by Almondes yoga and reiki teacher Yasmin. Join on zoom!

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Every Wednesday — 16:00 – 17:00
Blank space, Almondestraat 187

Self defense on the basis of bagua – non-competitive, realistic approach towards conflictual situations, teached by Sebastian

Every Thursday — 19:00 – 20:30
Blank space, Almondestraat 187

Yoga zonder Fratsen by Yogis Choice of Wendy Starreveld

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Every Tuesday — 09:00 – 10:00
Blank space, Almondestraat 187

Morning Yoga by our new teacher and resident Yasmin Fris

Mon 16 March — 20:00
De Woonkamer Almondestraat 157

Almonderaad on ZOOM, join online.

Every Saturday — 20:00
Reception, Almondestraat 179

Performances, get together, beers

Every Friday — 19:00 – 20:30
Al Kheema, Almondestraat 223

Cous cous met muziek

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Sun 15 March — 13.00 – 15.00
Blank Space, Almondestraat 187

Micro Nün Rave. Dancing in the middle of the day. Donation €3,- or more.

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Wed 11 March — start 18.30
Blank Space, Almondestraat 187

Lezing Extinction Rebellion: Klimaat en ecologische crises – hoe zit het en wat kunnen we doen?

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Wed 11 March — start 18.00,
food 19.00
Almondestraat 157

Anti Food Waste Dinner. Walk in for delicious Food that otherwise would have been wasted. 

Thur 5 March — 12:30
Al Khema, Almondestraat 223

Promo-movie for the Arabic Film Festival with real camels filmed in the Almondestraat. Be in this movie!

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Wed 4 March — start 17.00,
food 19.00
Open Café, Almondestraat 157

Walk in for food and fun and some social and environmental activism. A donation for the food is welcome.

Fri 21 February — 16.00
Blank space, Almondestraat 187

Qigong by Figo van Lazenya

Mon 17 Feb — 19:45
Almondestraat 157


 Thu 13 Feb — 18:00
Almondestraat 157

CityLab 010 night -Presentation Sociocratic circles Pension Almonde + soup

6-10 February

Art Rotterdam x Pension Almonde

Almondestraat. receptie nr. 179, woonkamer nr. 157

Slapen, kijken, ontdekken en uitgaan. De Almondestraat komt tot leven als anarchistische achtertuin van Art Rotterdam.  PS: Je kunt blijven slapen!

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6 – 10 February

Not For Profit Art Party
Opening: 6 Feb 18:00 uur

Almondestraat 179

De counter-place-to-meet tijdens Art Rotterdam waar experimenten en nieuwe vormen van exposeren worden gestimuleerd.

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Sun 2 February — 13:00 – 18.00
Muziek bij de Buren
Woonkamer en Keju Kitchen

Huiskamerfestival Muziek bij de Buren Rotterdam komt voor het eerst naar Rotterdam en strijkt neer in maar liefst 2 huiskamers van Pension Almonde. 

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Za 11 jan — 19:00 – 23.00
Open House, Almondestraat 159

RESIDENTS are re-identifying Almondestraat 159. Come and see them at work during the Open House

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zo 22 dec — 12:00
De Huiskamer, Almondestraat 157

Pancake Brunch by Pancake Kollective on a donation base

za 21 dec — 13:00
De Huiskamer, Almondestraat 157

Clothing swap: bring your clothes, swap and feel new!

za 21 dec — 10:30
De Stokerij, Pieter de Raadtstraat 35B

Group meditation

vr 20 dec — 18:00
Alkhema, Almondestraat 223

Couscous en gesprek met de Marokkaans-Nederlandse acteur Mahjoub Benmoussa in een nomadische woestijntent.

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