Pension Almonde is a temporary home for city nomads. People that need flexible living space or city dwellers that miss out within the regular housing system. In the Almondestraat there is now a community of original and temporary residents, rich and poor, students and retired people, migrants and born and raised ‘Rotterdammers’. 

People living in Pension Almonde are for example students, people in a divorce, families in a home improvement operation, migrants, professionals with a project in Rotterdam for 3 days a week, artist, seasonal employees, original residents that live in the neighbourhood for more than 40 years and free spirits who don’t want to spend most of their income on rent.

The “Huiskamer” and activities

Nr 157 houses the common living room. There is a big kitchen, laundry machine, wifi and every Tuesday there is a free soup night. Here you can meet the community and the guests and it is open for everyone to join. Also there are many activities, like kimchi workshops, board game nights, dinner evening and more. 

Get involved

When you search for a room with low rent and want to do something in return, you can enroll for a house. Selection processes are based on availability of houses and the needs of the community and the street. Everyone who lives here supports the street and community with some tasks. The maximum amount of time you can live in the street is 6 months. The rent is approximately €350,- a month, depending on the size of the room or the house. Mail to naar for more information.