Pension Almonde houses several collective functions in the 11 houses on the ground floor. Neighbourhood initiatives that reinforce the livability of the street and also shared, common and co working places.

Living room & reception — nr. 157

The living room is the heart of Pension Almonde. A place where guests, newcomers, neighbours and residents come together, ask questions and explore new ideas. There is wifi and a common kitchen. Every Tuesday there is an open meeting and from 6 P.M. onwards our weekly free soup night.

Woodstone Kugelblitz — nr. 171

Woodstone Kugelblitz runs an anarchistic copy shop where you can copy and print free or in exchange of a small fee of other contribution. It is a collective of anonymous artists, who publish small books and artwork and create performances.

Mini EKWC — nr. 171 (tuinhuis)

The Mini EKWC is a small ceramics atelier in the garden house of nr 171. Come and create here. On request there will be a free and personal ceramics workshop.


Motherdock — nr. 195

Motherdock is a non-profit co working office space for freelance mothers and fathers that includes professional child care next door.

Keju Kitchen — nr. 197

The neighborhood’s famous lunch room and meeting place with extraordinary cakes, lunches, meals and local art on the walls. Keju Kitchen also takes care of the breakfast for our guests.

Suave Global — nr. 141

Suave Global produces Caribean events and organizes carnival groups for the Rotterdam Summer Carnival. Suave Global is a social enterprise that works together with people with special needs.

Bio Bulk Bende — nr. 157

Bio Bulk Bende is Rotterdams first food coop where the members collectively buy organic wholefoods. Every first Monday of the month there is a pick up evening with an affordable vegan dinner.

Taalent010 — nr. 155

Taalent010 is an organisation run by volunteers that improves the position of vulnarable women in society by teaching Dutch. They offer low key language lessons and talent development.

Al Khema — nr. 223

Al Khema is a place where people from Syria and the Netherlands meet each other. Rosh Abdelfatah is the organizer of this initiative. It is also the center of the Arabic Film Festibal. This house has gotten a drastic make over, because it is now a nomadic desert tent.

Stadsklooster Engelenburg — nr. 223

A religion-free cloister based on the concept of helping where urban monk Rolf Engelen strives to put concepts like generosity, friendship, love, sincerity and detachment into practice.

Sound System — nr. 223

Aad has lived in the Almondestraat for many years. He is one of the few residents who knows the stories of the street before Pension Almonde. He is always there with his sound system when there is a party.

Sloperahuis — nr. 225

The Sloperahuis collects fragments of the street in transition for the Slopera that is playing in the street 24/7. Every Friday you have the opportunity to work on this act yourself. Come to the Slopera House and help to create. The final scene of the Slopera will be performed after the demolishing of the street.

Wasbuur — nr. 157

A central place where residents and guests of Pension Almonde can do their laundry with a washing machine in an old cupboard.

Ruilhuis — nr. 247

People that are leaving Pension Almonde can leave their old furniture here, while new residents can find stuff to decorate their homes.