Guests of Pension Almonde sleep in one of the guest rooms designed by local artists, or in the houses of the city nomads. You can book a room for a night, for a month or for example for 3 days a week. Anything is possible. During events like Art Rotterdam, the IFFR or the Song Festival we offer special arrangements together with residents, neighbourhood initiatives and local artists.

As a guest you have different options for your stay. You can book a hotel room, sleep over at the houses of the city nomads or rent a fully equipped apartment with a group of people. Breakfast is provided by Keju Kitchen.

For short stay and during special events like Art Rotterdam the rate is €60,- a night, including breakfast. For a longer stay the rate is €140,- a week with a minimum of 1 week. Inform about the possibilities:

Pension Almonde takes care of the city wide need for a temporary place to stay for tourists, travelling professionals, artists and everyone else who needs a roof over their heads. Staying with us is much more personal than a ‘normal’ hotel: you become part of a community and of an experiment of a social inclusive future city. Moreover, you can join in numerous activities and every Tuesday there is free soup for everyone.

The rooms of the pension are still in the old style of the former residents or decorated by artists.

Artist Ropp Schouten made a wall/floor/roof painting in one of the guest rooms. 

Jantje Almstedt was a guest in this room with a tree installation of artist Jip van der Hek.