New: Almonde wardrobe

Resident of the Almondestraat Abhaya Mistry has opened the Almonde Wardrobe. It is set up in the Living Room at Almondestraat 157 and everyone can become a member to share and borrow clothes.

The Almonde Wardrobe is a ‘live-in library communal wardrobe’. “The library is a collection of garments that are available for you to borrow, re-make. adjust and live-in!”, Abhaya explains.

“We are wondering: How can we make and re-make based on individual and communal needs? How commoning the wardrobe could be generative in dialogues of dressing—how do we identify with, remember, keep and discard things worn?”

Everyone who hands in one piece of clothing becomes a member. These are the rules:

To Borrow:

1 . Its free to borrow from the library but we ask that you  contribute one garment to the communal wardrobe —something that you  no longer want — but could still be enjoyed by someone else. (You only have to do this once, then you’re a  member!) 

2. For each garment you want to borrow fill out the ‘Borrow Here’ sheet. How long you borrow it for is up to you! (but keep in mind that they are meant to be shared)

3. Some garments need a bit of TLC and you can tend to them using the ‘Mend Here’ kit.

To return:

4. When you return garments to the library we ask that you share with us a story about the garment.  (Could be fact, could be fiction, could be something in-between.  You can whisper it to us, send it in image, write it in Haiku, write it as a review,  stitch it in the garment or draw it out….) (Keep in mind that these stories will be published).

5. Garments donated or borrowed must be returned clean!

6. If you want to make something for the wardrobe / up-cycle or adjust something in the wardrobe and want some help, get in touch!

7. You are welcome here— Please get in touch if you have thoughts or suggestions on how we can be more inclusive of differing needs.